From senior co-chair Jon Olsen:

Why is there a Green party? Let me count the ways:

1. We have a political system addicted to petroleum, war-making, and pharmaceutical drugs, and their influence annihilates even mild political opposition within the two corporate parties--witness Kucinich, Dean, and Sanders. Instead they gave us Hillary and Donald.


2. Global climate change is a fact of life, but one of the corporate parties imagines it is imaginary!


3. The Bill of Rights gives us assurances that the government will protect us from abuses, yet water protectors are brutalized, women's reproductive privacy needs are violated, prisons have become medieval dungeons, and black and brown people are killed for trivial traffic offenses, like missing a tail light! Then their killers are acquitted.


4. We desperately need a single payer medical system, and instead they sabotage even the highly inadequate gains made under what they derisively call "Obamacare," with a plan far worse, all to give back
even more wealth to those who are obscenely rich already!

And so MUCH MORE! Get it now?


A word from

Riva O'Rourke - Junior Co-Chair



I support the Green Party because I cannot tolerate endless, profit-driven wars and the desecration of planet earth, our only home. Battles waged in the name of progress treat certain people as inferior, and the earth as though it is a literal dumping ground and inexhaustible resource. Mankind's perpetual desire for more, with little to no regard for the needs of the earth, has pushed the ecosystem to its breaking point and requires that something like the Green New Deal be immediately implemented, if we are going to survive.
Many are speaking about rights.  It is time to speak of responsibility.  We must accept our responsibility
to People, this Planet, and for the system which has deprived us of knowing Peace.  Our historical ignorance, lack of empathic knowledge, self-serving arrogance and denial, which erode our ability to view reality and prevent us from taking action must be faced head-on.  We must realize a new way, one which has never actually been accomplished on a world-wide scale, one which nurtures humanity as a single entity, working in harmony with nature, and supporting organic democracy.  We do this by starting where we are.
Some understand the perilous times in which we are living, which also bring opportunities for transformation.  We will not all agree on every aspect of every issue, but that cannot make us afraid of working together.  If we find ourselves in conflict, we need only refocus on issues of universal importance, remembering the diversity which exists on this earth and the common needs we share.
We must become stewards of our causes.  If we do not like how something is, we should dive in and start doing something about it, not just complain and wait for someone else, or fault someone else who is trying!  Everybody can carry something.  Many hands make light work!  No job is too small or unimportant.  No one is more important than all, and all are not more important than any one.
Join my co-chair Jon Olsen and me, and the rest of the Maine Green Independent Party team, as we move together with you through true democratic process, to make a better world. ~Riva O'Rourke