Maine gubernatorial candidates on York County casino: Vote it down

Asked about their positions, all of the 2018 contenders who responded oppose the measure, citing better ways to help the state's economy and concerns about the campaign's backers.


AUGUSTA — They may not agree on much, but the pantheon of candidates now hoping to replace Gov. Paul LePage in 2018 seem to agree that a ballot question that would give one person an exclusive chance to build Maine’s third casino is a bad idea ...

Green Party candidate Betsy Marsano of Waldo also opposes the casino, saying it has the backing of wealthy developers who have made no assurances that Maine would reap any benefits.

Betsy Marsano

She also noted that voters and the Legislature have rejected efforts by Maine’s Indian tribes to develop casinos and use the profits to protect their lands and waters.

“I would suggest prior to authorizing a new casino, driven by out-of-state developers, we consider empowering and enabling out Indigenous People to move forward with their plan,” Marsano said.

Green Party candidate Jay Dresser Lunt and Libertarian Party candidate Richard Light could not be reached for comment.



Rep. Chapman joins Maine Green Party

Can block calls for special legislative sessions

Representative Ralph Chapman joins Maine Green Party

Rep. Ralph Chapman.

Penobscot Bay Press file photo


by Anne Berleant


Rep. Ralph Chapman (G-Brooksville) has joined the Maine Green Party, he announced on September 20, nearly four months after unenrolling from the Democratic Party ...

“The primary reason has to do with the corporate funding,” he said. “We know the problems of corporate funding in campaigns, but what most people don’t see is that corporate funding corrupts the system inside the State House, as well…The party leadership is responding to the corporate lobbies that fund their ability to elect people of their party, and therefore purchase the loyalty of those people.”

The Green party does not accept corporate contributions, Chapman said ...



Lawmaker’s party switch gives Greens a seat in the Maine House

By Christopher Cousins, BDN Staff September 22, 2017 1:52 pm

Linda Coan O'Kresik | BDN
Rep. Ralph Chapman of Brookville



A Maine House of Representatives Democrat who quit the party earlier this year has announced that he has enrolled in the Maine Green Independent Party.


That makes Rep. Ralph Chapman of Brooksville the second Green Independent to serve in the Legislature’s history. The only other was former Rep. John Eder of Portland, who was elected in 2002 and served two terms before losing a re-election bid in 2006 ...




“The Maine Green Independent Party offers an alternative” because it doesn’t accept corporate donations, said Chapman, who is in his fourth term and will be prevented by term limits from seeking re-election. “In essence, the Maine Green Independent Party is demonstrating, by its actions, how to behave as though the Citizens’ United Supreme Court decision were overturned.” ...



Jon Olson of Jefferson, who co-chairs the Green Independent Party, welcomed Chapman in a written statement. He referred to the State House as a “toxic political environment.”


“We hope that other legislators of either major party will consider following his lead and that new aspiring candidates will do so as well,” said Olson ...





Green Party Candidate Enters Maine's Governor's Race


Oct 17, 2017


Green Party candidate Betsy Marsano today kicked off her campaign to win the party's nomination in Maine's 2018 governor's race ...



“We are a large state and a very small community," she said, "and it is that community that I will most approach and try to work with as I go forward in this campaign.” ...




Following the deadline for submitting qualifying signatures, the Maine Green Independent Party has six candidates who will appear on Maine House ballots this November. This follows the early-season good news of Green Gil Harris's election to the Limerick Board of Selectmen, along with a number of other municipal candidates.

"This is an exciting group of candidates," said Maine Green Independent Party Co-Chair Niomi Larrivee, "representing the broad spectrum of voices that has been attracted to the Maine Green Independents."

The candidates for State Representative are spread throughout the length and breadth of Maine:

Andy Howard, in Kittery, District 1
Justin Reinhardt, in Limerick/Alfred/Newfield/Parsonfield/Shapleigh, District 21
Kate Schrock, in Falmouth, District 44
Kim Pfusch, in Lewiston, District 61
Robin Downs, in Hampden/Newburgh, District 101
Jaco Deertrack, in Greenville/Monson/Guilford/Parkman/Sangerville/Sebec/Shirly/Abbot/Beaver Cove/Bowerbank/Willimantic, District 119

While there may be more, and these races aren't partisan, so far the municipal candidates include Maine Green Independents:
Sam Pfeifle, School Board, MSAD15
Ben Meiklejohn, School Board, MSAD4

"Unlike some of our earlier efforts that featured strong candidates in Portland, but with few elsewhere, I am impressed with the geographic range of these six candidates," said MGIP Co-Chair Jon Olsen. "It shows that our message of fiscal responsibility, peace, justice, and ecological sanity is resonating statewide. We look forward to an exciting election year.

With its two House members, the Maine Green Independents are already the most accomplished Green Party in the U.S., and is the only globally-affiliated party electing candidates in the United States.