Sample Caucus Agenda (for use in conjunction with Caucus Data Sheet)


(following this agenda will cover all bases and provide opportunities for every statutory caucus provision to be executed)


I. Introduction and Statements—Open the Caucus. Introduce yourself and "open" the caucus.

II. Election of Caucus Officers.

  1.  Election of Caucus Secretary

  2.  Election of Caucus Chair

III. Determine Parliamentary Procedure of Caucus (consensus, majority vote, Robert's Rules, etc.).

IV. Form Municipal Committee. IMPORTANT!

  1.  Number of offices/members. (Most municipal committees choose to recognize all enrolled Green Independents in a municipality as members of the committee—in essence making the committee an ongoing caucus. In doing so, the committee should redefine quorum so that a majority of all enrolled Green Independents—a nearly impossible attainment—is not necessary to conduct business).

  2.  Length of terms.

  3.  Duties of committee.

  4.  The caucus may choose to adopt bylaws that accomplish the three items above. Sample bylaws are available to consider.

V. Identify candidates for state representative (or other offices such as state senator or municipal or county offices).

VI. Speeches by candidates (or their representatives) for state representative, governor, U.S. Congress, and/or other offices. Since our candidates for governor (Betsy Marsano) and U.S. Congress District 2 (Henry Bear) may be traveling to multiple caucuses in a single day, please provide flexibility to allow them to speak earlier or later on the agenda as they are able to arrive and address the caucus.

VII. Nominate Municipal Election Clerks (to work the polls).

VIII. Elect Municipal Delegates to the Party's Statewide Convention.

IX. Nominations/Elections for County Committee. Aroostook County caucuses may directly elect one person to the county committee. Caucuses in all other counties may nominate as many people as they wish to be on the county committee, and the state party convention will elect the county committee from nominations made.

X. Other business.

XI. Pass the Hat (for future committee expenses such as mailing to members or renting of rooms).

XII. Set Next Meeting Time and Place of Municipal Committee.