Sample Municipal Bylaws

In order to prevent the municipal committee from becoming inactive, it is best if the committee establishes a basic agreed upon set of bylaws under which to operate.
Here are sample bylaws the municipal committee may choose to pass, inserting the name of the municipality, and the first letter of the municipality for "X" in 'XGIC." Some municipalities may choose to have co-chairs or other additional officers. The following is just a sample template for caucuses to consider. If the caucus is unable to pass bylaws, the caucus may choose to table it until the next meeting.


Sample Municipal Committee Bylaws


[Name of Municipality] Green Independent Committee [XGIC] Bylaws


I. Purpose
The purpose of the [XGIC} is to grow the presence of the Maine Green Independent
Party in [Name of Municipality] by recruiting members and supporting enrolled Green Independent candidates.
II. Members
All enrolled Green Independents in [Name of Municipality] shall be considered members of the [XGIC].
III. Officers
The committee will elect a chairperson on even-numbered years at the municipal committee's biennial caucus, for a term of roughly two years and expiring at the end of the next biennial caucus. The committee may create and elect other officers as it sees fit, and fill vacancies created by resignation, death or change of municipality residence. Elections for all offices will be held at each biennial caucus.
IV. Meetings
The chairperson will generally organize and facilitate meetings. The committee will strive for consensus, but a majority vote may be called for by a majority of members in attendance. The [XGIC] chairperson may organize meetings to be held in a variety of formats,
including phone calls, e-mail, video chat and others, so long as the means of attending, voting and adjourning are explained.
V. Quorum
Quorum shall be at least one officer and any other member, with at least 24 hours notice of a meeting given to all committee members who attended the last meeting, or notice on a general forum previously approved by the committee as qualifying as notice (i.e. Facebook page, website, e-mail list, town calendar, etc.). Alternatively, any two committee members may constitute quorum, with public notice provided at least a week in advance in the same manner in which public notice is legally required for a caucus.
VI. Authority and Vision
The [XGIC] represents the Maine Green Independent Party on issues affecting [Name of Municipality], and will work to establish a municipal identity of the party, increase visibility and work with the party's county and state committees toward common goals.
VII. Failure to caucus.
In the event that the committee, or any resident Green Independent in [Name of Municipality] fails to convene a biennial municipal caucus by March 19 on even-numbered years, then all officer terms shall be considered expired and the municipal committee dissolved. Any resident may convene a caucus as prescribed by statute to again form the municipal committee.
VIII. Amendements
These bylaws may be amended by a majority of all members in attendance.
Bylaws established [Date of Passage]