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State Committee Members

Executive Commitee

Jon Olsen [Jefferson] Co-Chair (term ends '18)      
Riva O'Rourke [Surry], Co-Chair (term ends '19)
Alan Brown [Biddeford] Treasurer (term ends '18)

Ben Meiklejohn [Sangerville] Secretary (term ends '19)


At-Large Members (all terms ending '17 or '18, depending on renewals in accordance with bylaws, except as noted)

Dawn Adams [Bangor] (term ends '18)
Dan Monahan (term ends '18 or '19)
Linnea Maravell [Saco] (term ends '18 or '19)

County Seats (terms ending three months from date of last meeting for which county committee minutes are submitted to state committee)

Andy Theriault - Aroostook County (term ends 12/30/17)


The state committee is composed of executive members, at-large members and one member from each qualifying county committee that chooses to seat a member on the state committee.