SCconvention 2018


State Committee Members

Executive Commitee

Jon Olsen [Jefferson] Co-Chair (term ends '19)      
Niomi Larrivee [Auburn], Co-Chair (term ends '20)

Ben Meiklejohn [Sangerville] Secretary (term ends '19)

 Allen Cooke [Saco] Treasurer (term ends '20)


At-Large Members (all terms ending '17 or '18, depending on renewals in accordance with bylaws, except as noted)

Linnea Maravell [Saco] (term ends '19)

Justin Beth [Portland] (term ends '19 or '20)

Brian Leonard [South Portland] (term ends '19 or '20)

Kimberly Phusch [Lewiston] (term ends '19 or '20)

Samuel Swenson [Sangerville] (term ends '19 or '20)


County Seats (terms ending three months from date of last meeting for which county committee minutes are submitted to state committee)


no counties are currently seating members to the state committee


The state committee is composed of executive members, at-large members and one member from each qualifying county committee that chooses to seat a member on the state committee.


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