2021 Convention

 2021 Convention Welcome and Information Center


The purpose of the Maine Green Independent Party is to transform public policy
through the implementation of our 10 Key Values and be publicly visible as the

party that stands for the common good.



Welcome to the Maine Green Independent Party 2021 Annual Convention Welcome Center!


Table of Contents



Entry Fee


Convention Program

Community Agreements / Convention Rules / Convention Officers / Guidelines on Zoom Chat 

Party Budget

Bylaws Amendments

Set Party Goals

State Committee/Officer Elections

Primary Eligibility


This will serve as the convention packet of materials registrants would normally receive at the registration table at an in-person convention.



This year's convention will be held over a two-day period. Our business will be done entirely on Sunday, May 23 from 9 AM to 4 PM. The day before, on Saturday, May 22 from 6 PM to 8 PM (possibly later) we have set aside time to allow Green Independents to socialize and interact in an informal setting, to compensate for the in-person face-to-face interactions that are lost when meeting by video conference.

Both events must be registered for separately. Only enrolled Maine Green Independents and our invited speakers may register for any convention events. All others will be able to observe the events live as they are streamed on our Facebook page.

To reduce confusion, our two events are titled differently. Register for both events if you wish to attend both. If you only wish to attend one day, please make sure you register for the correct event.

Direct Democracy Forum: Saturday, May 22 6 PM to 8 PM (possibly later).

To register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUvd-qvrD0vGtJ20pKY_qxRtuSWCrNHcvdL

Facebook Event: 2021 Maine Green Independent Party Convention: Direct Democracy Forum | Faceboo

We are accepting video submissions from enrolled Maine Green Independents, for presentation during the Direct Democracy Forum. Videos of five minutes or less may be forwarded to mainegreenindependent [at] gmail [dot] com by May 20.

Business Day: Sunday, May 23 9 AM to 4 PM.

To register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqfuyvrTIsEtP6kwS4ZxYJYRMEEojjyNTo

Facebook Event: 2021 Maine Green Independent Party Convention: Business Day | Facebook 

Because our convention is only open to participation by enrolled Maine Green Independents, there may be a delay in processing registrations while we confirm each registrant's enrollment status. Last minute registrations may be denied if we are unable to confirm enrollment status with the voter lists available to us (updated as of April 2021). We encourage members to register immediately, even if they are still uncertain whether they can attend.



This is important. Please donate a convention registration fee if you can afford to, at https://www.mainegreens.org/donate . Checks may also be mailed to Maine Green Independent Party, PO Box 10345, Portland, ME 04104.

The recommended donation is $20, but any amounts are accepted. Nobody will be denied registration for inability to pay.

Our annual convention accounts for the largest portion of our budget and your genorosity to help fund the party is appreciated.



The first thing you will want to do to prepare for the May 23 business convention is to locate two emails that were sent to you at some point after you registered for the convention.

One email has your unique registration information for the Zoom conference, which was sent in a subject line titled "Maine Green Independent Party 2021 Annual Convention Confirmation."
The second email contains your unique registration information for Direct Vote Live, with a subject line titled "MGIP Convention Ballots - Do Not Forward."

Both emails will be sent again on the morning of May 23 at about 8 a.m. so that the information will be newer in your inbox.

We recommend that you first login to DirectVote Live and have your browser save the password, so that if you are logged out do to inactivity, it will be easy to log back in with a saved password.

Keep the DirectVote tab open and readily available in your browser. When necessary to vote in an election or on certain proposals, we will all be taking a few moments to go into DirectVote Live and cast our votes.

If you keep the tab available and open, so that you do not have to search for the link in your email again, the voting will be seemless and easy.

Once you have DirectVote Live set up in a browser tab, proceed to login to the Zoom conference using the unique registration information sent to you. When entering the convention, the name you entered on your registration form will be the name that is displayed during the convention.
Registrants will find themselves in a waiting room and will be allowed into the convention starting at 9 a.m.

During the registration period from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., microphones will be muted and registrants will be greeted by music, including music from local Maine Greens.

The chat board, which can be found by clicking a button titled "chat" on the Zoom screen, is where members will be communicting, socializing and providing guidance to each other on the peculiarities of using Zoom. Feel free to introduce yourself or ask any questions you may have about today's convention.



9:00 Registration
9:55 Blessing by Dawn Neptune Adams

10:00 Community GuidelinesConvention Rules and Officers / Zoom Tutorial and Chat Guidelines

10:10 Welcome and introduction of officers by senior co-chair Linnea Maravell
10:15 Nominate/Elect convention secretary (1st), convention chair (2nd)
10:20 State of the Party by senior co-chair Linnea Maravell

10:25 Amend Bylaws

11:25 Set Party Goals
11:35 Approve Party Budget presented by Treasurer Allen Cooke (live stream will be discontinued for this section)

11:45 Featured Speaker: Dawn Neptune Adams

NOON: Lunch/Break

12:25 John Rensenbrink introduction of Pat LaMarche

12:30 Keynote Speaker: Pat LaMarche

1:10 Moment of Honor for Freddie Dolgon

1:20 Electoral Committee Report by Justin Beth

1:25 Green of the Year

1:30 Elect Party Co-Chair

1:50 Elect Party Secretary

2:00 Elect At-Large State Committee Members

2:20 Featured Speaker: Cheri Honkala

2:40 Maine Lavender Greens Caucus Report by Amanda Robbins Rowe

2:45 Determine Eligibility to Vote in 2022 Primary Election, presented by Justin Beth

3:15 Featured Speaker: Jill Stein

3:35 International Committee Report by Bahram Zandi

3:45 Elect Representatives to Mational and International Party Committees.

3:55 Closing Remarks by junior co-chair Jake Kulaw (soon to be senior co-chair at conclusion of convention!)

This schedule will be subject to change, including in real time during the convention proceedings.



MGIP Community Agreements
● Speak with honesty, listen with humility
● We acknowledge that oppressions exist and that
not all voices carry equal weight. We strive within
our space to correct that.
● We acknowledge that inherent bias exists in each of
us and may give and receive acknowledgement of
that without offense.
● We value relationship building over being “right.”
● Assume good intentions but recognize that impact
is greater than intent.
● One Person at a time. Progressive Stack.
● Be fully present and listen.
● Build up, do not break down.
● We invest in each other’s growth.
● If you speak a lot, listen more! And if you are shy,
speak up!
● Use correct pronouns.




    Convention proceedings begin by electing first a convention secretary, then a convention chairperson.

    The convention secretary will record all official decisions of the convention.
    The convention chairperson and two party co-chairs are convention facilitators.

    The convention committee may establish other convention officer positions as it deems fit. These other officers may be appointed by the committee in advance of the convention or appointed by the facilitators at the convention.

    A time keeper will keep facilitators informed of time apportionment limits.


    Facilitators oversee a process aiming for consensus on all decisions of the convention. If consensus cannot be realized within reasonable time, facilitators may call for the decision to be made by majority vote.

    All motions for a decision require a second, except for motions made by the facilitator 'without objection.'

    A facilitator will not facilitate an election of officers when that person is a candidate for the office being elected.

    Facilitators will recognize speakers as equitably as possible to allow all people who want to speak an opportunity to do so.

    Facilitators may institute time limits for speaking when necessary.


    Elections that are uncontested may be decided by consensus or majority vote indicated by vocal expression or show of hands.

    Contested elections are determined by paper write-in ballot or online voting.

    Elections for one position shall be determined by majority vote using ranked choice voting when necessary, or, when online voting is unable to hande RCV, rounds of runoff voting with one candidate being removed in each round until a candidate attains majority.

    Elections with multiple candidates running for multiple seats shall be determined by ranked approval voting. Each vote for a candidate regardless of rank is an equal vote; candidates with the most total votes are elected to the number of positions open. When a tie exists for a remaining position, rank determines the winner. When online voting is unable to handle ranked voting, ties may be resolved with subsequent voting instead of rank.

    A ballot-counting committee may be appointed by the convention committee or the facilitators. Any participant of the convention may observe the counting of ballots.
Technical facilitator (Kelly Merrill): The technical facilitator will scan the video conference chat room and participant symbols for indicators of members wishing to be placed on stack and will communicate to convention facilitators at will and as needed of such requests. The technical facilitator may also monitor the chat and inform people if their comments are off topic or inappropriate.
Meeting technician (Alan Brown): The meeting technician will mute or unmute participants, enable or disable chat rooms, and perform other technical actions as necessary at the request of convention facilitators. 
Parliamentarian (Benjamin Meiklejohn): The parliamentarian will provide guidance and direction to convention facilitators on parliamentary process related to convention rules or when relevant, bylaws. 
  1. Right to disable. Convention facilitators reserve the right to disable the chat room at any time should conversation in the forum become disruptive or distracting.
  2. Stay on topic. Members are asked to use the public chat room only to discuss agenda items that are currently in process. Members may interact with each other privately but use of the public chat room should be restricted to commentary directly related to the agenda subject at hand. Members are welcome to debate and discuss the issue at hand in the chat room as much as they wish instead of requesting the floor, or if they have exhausted their available time on the floor. Just stick to the topic please!
  3. Community Guidelines. Our community guidelines apply to the chat room--be respectful and kind! Offensive/insulting commentary is not welcome!
  4. Warnings. Facilitators may notify members if they are participating in the chat room inconsistent with these guidelines. Please respect and heed warnings by facilitators. Continued refusal to abide by these guidelines may result in removal from the chat room and/or convention.
Approval of the party budget will be done in non-public session. The budget will be displayed and presented to attendees during the convention.
The current bylaws may be viewed at https://mainegreens.org/organization/bylaws .
 There are eight bylaws amendments being proposed for approval:
Amend Article IV, Section B. At-Large Seats, one sentence as follows:

There are five three at-large members of the state committee, elected at annual conventions for a term of … 

Amend Article IV, Section E. Meetings, one sentence as follows:

Quorum for a state committee meeting shall be either a majority of all active state committee members or a majority of the nine state committee members that comprise the executive and at-large seats.

Sponsored by Benjamin Meiklejohn



Amend Article IV, Section E. Meetings, one sentence as follows:

Quorum for a state committee meeting shall be either a majority of all active state committee members or a majority of the nine state committee members (excluding vacant seats) that comprise the executive and at-large seats.

Sponsored by Benjamin Meiklejohn

Amend Article IV, Section B. At-Large Seats, one sentence amended and one paragraph removed as follows:

There are five at-large members of the state committee, elected at annual conventions for a term of one to two years. A year term is defined as the time between two consecutive annual conventions.

After one year, at-large members with no more than three unexcused absences are entitled to a one-year renewal of their terms, which can be done by notifying the state committee at their last meeting before the convention. Only at-large members who were elected at a convention may renew their terms. Qualifying at-large members may only renew their term once, and after completing a two-year term, must stand again for election.

Sponsored by Jacqui Deveneau and Jake Kulaw



Amend Article IV, Section G. Resignation, Removal and Replacement, one sentence removed and one paragraph added as follows:

Any state committee member may resign at any time by giving written notice to a party co-chair.

Resignations from the state committee or its sub-committees shall be effective immediately upon submission. Resignations may be submitted by email, phone, mail, verbally or any other means and shall be accepted and effective immediately upon timestamp and date stamp of the submission method.

Sponsored by Alan Brown



Amend Article IV, Section G. Resignation, Removal and Replacement, to header renamed and paragraph added as follows: 

Article IV, Section G. Resignation, Removal, and Replacement and Inegibility

Any state committee member who has been censured, suspended or removed is ineligible to serve on the state committee for the following one-year term, including by appointment to a county seat or renewal of term.

Sponsored by Jacqui Deveneau and Jake Kulaw

Amend Article IV, section G. Resignation, Removal and Replacement, one sentence as follows: 

Any at-large or executive member whose term has not expired, or who has not been removed for excessive absences as outlined in these bylaws, may be removed by a vote of two-thirds of the state committee upon recommendation from the ethics committee to remove as outlined in Article IV Section H, or by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at a party convention as outlined in Article V of these bylaws. 

Amend Article IV, Section H, Officers and Subcommittees, one paragraph added as follows:

The state committee will establish and maintain an ethics committee that amplifies and centers the voices of marginalized communities. The ethics committee will hold state committee members to standards of conduct and accountability established by the state committee. The ethics committee may recommend actions to the state committee, including moderation, censure, suspension or removal of members in accordance with established accountability standards

Sponsored by Jacqui Deveneau and Jake Kulaw

Amend Article V. Conventions, one sentence removed as follows:

Setting the goals of the party, which shall be included as an addendum to these bylaws, titled, “Goals,”

Sponsored by Benjamin Meiklejohn

Amend Article VI. Platform, one sentence as follows:

Near the end of each year term biennium leading to an even-numbered-year convention, the state committee shall review and compile position statements it made in the prior two years, and consider submitting to the convention platform positions proposals that reflect the positions taken by the state committee.

Sponsored by Benjamin Meiklejohn



The current goals 2020-2021 goals of the Maine Green Independent Party can be found at Goals (mainegreens.org).

Proposals for goals will be received on the floor of the convention.



More information on the duties of the state committee and its officers may be found in Article IV, Sections B-D of the state party bylaws: https://mainegreens.org/organization/bylaws

Article IV, Section C, Part 1. Co-Chairs

The co-chairs shall represent the party's values, platform and positions to the public and media, organize and facilitate state committee meetings, and oversee and direct the state committee's fulfillment of duties.

Article IV, Section C, Part 2. Secretary

The secretary shall be responsible for keeping party records and archives and advising the party on communication matters. The secretary shall record vote tallies of decisions made by the state committee and executive committee, or designate another to do so.

The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining records of party officers and reporting to the secretary of state when officer changes occur.

Article IV State Committee, Section D. Duties

The state committee will manage all state-level party operations and facilitate the establishment and growth of local groups to oversee party operations in their jurisdictions.

Duties of the state committee include:

Assuring the party meets its statutory obligations to hold caucuses and conventions, maintain a minimum level of party enrollment, and fulfill all other statutory requirements,

Filing state and federal reports,

Organizing conventions and working to achieve goals set at conventions,

Recruiting candidates for state and national offices and supporting local group recruitment of candidates in county, municipal and other jurisdictions,

Maintaining a visible statewide presence, acting as the official voice of the party and taking timely positions on important issues,

Communicating and engaging with local groups about state party meetings and activities,

Administering state party assets including the party's website and state voter list,

Managing state party finances and overseeing state party fundraising efforts, and

Establishing offices and subcommittees to help the state committee fulfill all duties, and oversee the fulfillment of duties by the executive officers.



Under Maine statute, qualified political parties may choose which voters are eligible to participate in that party's primary elections. If no notice is given to the secretary of state by Feb. 1 of the election year, the primary is automatically restricted to only members of that party. 

The Maine Green Independent Party is the only party in the history of Maine to willingly open participation in its primary to other voters who are not enrolled members. In 2016, 2018 and 2020, the Green Independent Party opened its primaries, allowing unenrolled voters (commonly referred to as "Independents") to participate.

Our bylaws require the convention on every odd-numbered year, to determine primary election eligibility for the following election year.

This year, both the state committee and electoral committee are recommending the convention to allow all registered voters to participate in the Green Independent Party 2022 primary election. 


This year's convention is dedicated to the memory and honor of Fred Dolgon.




“Freddie was a force, He was a little old man with white hair who loved to argue, but he was the sweetest person in the world. He just really cared a lot about everything. Freddie was always the person who kept us in humor. He had this amazing wit about him. He came to one of our meetings and brought this suitcase full of hats. He put on a hat and did a character. He put on another had and did a character. Everyone just loved him.” --Jacqui Deveneau