2023 Convention

 2023 Convention Welcome and Information Center

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The purpose of the Maine Green Independent Party is to transform public policy
through the implementation of our 10 Key Values and be publicly visible as the

party that stands for the common good.



Welcome to the Maine Green Independent Party 2023 Annual Convention Welcome Center!


Our annual convention of the Maine Green Independent Party will be held Sunday May 7th as an online event using Zoom.

Sunday May 7 -- 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
This year's convention is held in loving memory of our late founding father John Rensenbrink, who spent his life dedicated to advancing our party and values.
John Rensenbrink, 1928-2022 

 Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1412635269509742


Table of Contents



Entry Fee


Convention Program

Convention Rules / Convention Officers / Guidelines on Zoom Chat 

Party Budget

Set Party Goals

State Committee/Officer Elections


This will serve as the convention packet of materials registrants would normally receive at the registration table at an in-person convention.



This year's convention will be held on Sunday, May 7.  

Only enrolled Maine Green Independents and our invited speakers may register for the convention. 

WHEN REGISTERING FOR CONVENTION: Please use your legal name and address where you are registered to vote!

PLEASE ALLOW FOR UP TO 48 HOURS FOR US TO MANUALLY CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION. When confirmed, ,you will receive an email with the meeting link.




Maine Green Independent Party 2023 Annual Convention: 



Because our convention is only open to participation by enrolled Maine Green Independents, there may be a delay in processing registrations while we confirm each registrant's enrollment status. Last minute registrations may be denied if we are unable to confirm enrollment status with the voter lists available to us. We encourage members to register immediately, when registration opens in April, even if they are still uncertain whether they can attend.



Please donate a convention registration fee if you can afford to, at 2023 Convention Registration Donation (mainegreens.org).

Checks may also be mailed to Maine Green Independent Party, PO Box 10345, Portland, ME 04104.

The recommended donation is $20, but any amounts are accepted. Nobody will be denied registration for inability to pay.

Our annual convention accounts for the largest portion of our budget and your genorosity to help fund the party is appreciated.








This is a tentative program schedule that is still subject to change by the convention committee. The program will likely be established in its final form by the time registration opens in April, and we do not expect it to alter much.
 Noon to 3 (possibly 4)

12:00 Blessing/Land Acknowledgment
12:05 Welcome/Introduction/State of the Party - Lyn Maravell
12:10 election of convention secretary
12:15 election of convention chair
12:20 amend bylaws
12:45 elect party co-chair
1:00 elect party secretary
1:15 John Rensenbrink Memorial
1:30 elect state committee
2:00 Maine Green of the Year
2:10 elect GPUS and IC delegates
2:30 approve party budget -Alan Brown
2:45 closing remarks - Fred McCann





Convention proceedings begin by electing first a convention secretary, then a convention chairperson.

The convention secretary will record all official decisions of the convention.
The convention chairperson and two party co-chairs are convention facilitators.

The convention committee may establish other convention officer positions as it deems fit. These other officers may be appointed by the committee in advance of the convention or appointed by the facilitators at the convention.

A time keeper will keep facilitators informed of time apportionment limits. 



Facilitators oversee a process aiming for consensus on all decisions of the convention. If consensus cannot be realized within reasonable time, facilitators may call for the decision to be made by majority vote.

All motions for a decision require a second, except for motions made by the facilitator 'without objection.'

A facilitator will not facilitate an election of officers when that person is a candidate for the office being elected.

Facilitators will recognize speakers as equitably as possible to allow all people who want to speak an opportunity to do so.

Facilitators may institute time limits for speaking when necessary.



Elections that are uncontested may be decided by consensus or majority vote indicated by vocal expression or show of hands.

Contested elections are determined by paper or online write-in ballot.

Elections for one position shall be determined by majority vote using ranked choice or runoff voting when necessary.

Elections with multiple candidates running for multiple seats shall be determined by ranked or runoff approval voting. Each vote for a candidate regardless of rank is an equal vote; candidates with the most total votes are elected to the number of positions open. When a tie exists for a remaining position, rank or runoff determines the winner.

A ballot-counting committee may be appointed by the convention committee or the facilitators. Any participant of the convention may observe the counting of ballots.

If a person is unable to cast their votes using an online voting program, their vote may be counted by submitting their vote to a member of the ballot counting committee, who will then inform the facilitator to add the vote(s) to the online vote total.


  1. Right to disable. Convention facilitators reserve the right to disable the chat room at any time should conversation in the forum become disruptive or distracting.
  2. Stay on topic. Members are asked to use the public chat room only to discuss agenda items that are currently in process. Members may interact with each other privately but use of the public chat room should be restricted to commentary directly related to the agenda subject at hand. Members are welcome to debate and discuss the issue at hand in the chat room as much as they wish instead of requesting the floor, or if they have exhausted their available time on the floor. Just stick to the topic please!
  3. Community Guidelines. Our community guidelines apply to the chat room--be respectful and kind! Offensive/insulting commentary not welcome!
  4. Warnings. Facilitators may notify members if they are participating in the chat room inconsistent with these guidelines. Please respect and heed warnings by facilitators. Continued refusal to abide by these guidelines may result in removal from the chat room and/or convention.
The budget will be displayed and presented to attendees during the convention.


The state committee will forward a proposal for goals to be approved by the convention. 




More information on the duties of the state committee and its officers may be found in Article IV, Sections B-D of the state party bylaws: https://mainegreens.org/organization/bylaws


Article IV, Section C, Part 1. Co-Chairs

The co-chairs shall represent the party's values, platform and positions to the public and media, organize and facilitate state committee meetings, and oversee and direct the state committee's fulfillment of duties.


Article IV, Section C, Part 3. Treasurer

The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping records of party finances including expenditures and revenue sources, reporting financial disclosures to state and federal entities as necessary, and advising the party on financial matters. The treasurer shall expend party finances only as authorized by the state committee or executive committee.

The treasurer shall ensure that expenditures are made in accordance with an approved budget, will inform the state committee when budget lines are nearing their maximum expenditure levels, and advise the state committee when it is necessary to amend the budget.

The treasurer may forward nominations for any state party offices or subcommittees relating to finances, including but not limited to positions related to budget development and fundraising.

The treasurer may nominate a financial officer for appointment by the state committee, to help the treasurer fulfill the financial requirements of these bylaws.

The treasurer shall oversee the development of a budget to be proposed for approval at the annual convention. The state committee may finalize the proposed budget or authorize the treasurer or a standing subcommittee to finalize the proposed budget.


Article IV State Committee, Section D. Duties

The state committee will manage all state-level party operations and facilitate the establishment and growth of local groups to oversee party operations in their jurisdictions.

Duties of the state committee include:

Assuring the party meets its statutory obligations to hold caucuses and conventions, maintain a minimum level of party enrollment, and fulfill all other statutory requirements,

Filing state and federal reports,

Organizing conventions and working to achieve goals set at conventions,

Recruiting candidates for state and national offices and supporting local group recruitment of candidates in county, municipal and other jurisdictions,

Maintaining a visible statewide presence, acting as the official voice of the party and taking timely positions on important issues,

Communicating and engaging with local groups about state party meetings and activities,

Administering state party assets including the party's website and state voter list,

Managing state party finances and overseeing state party fundraising efforts, and

Establishing offices and subcommittees to help the state committee fulfill all duties, and oversee the fulfillment of duties by the executive officers.