In 1998, the Maine Green Party Council consisted of two representatives from each county and four officers (two co-chairs, treasurer and scribe).


The co-chairs were Nancy Allen and Will Neils. David Draper was treasurer and Peter Neils was Scribe.


The county representatives were:

  • Laura Childs
  • Jim Freeman
  • Tom Fusco
  • Ron Huber
  • Doug Hufnagel
  • Tammy Lacher
  • Jane Livingston
  • Peter McFarland
  • Ben Meiklejon
  • Peter Neils
  • Will Neils
  • Nancy Oden
  • John Rensenbrink
  • Tom Roberts
  • Matt Tilley
  • Rob Waite

Two candidates ran for state house: Betsy Marsano in House District 30, Portland's East End, and Ben Meiklejohn in House District 31, Portland's West End.


Pat LaMarche ran for governor.


Election results can be found here.


The Maine Green Party hosted the Association of State Green Parties national convention in Topsham Oct. 3-5.