Maine Greens poll gubernatorial candidates

Maine Greens poll gubernatorial candidates
Dear (name of candidate for governor)
   As a Political Party that foremost values fairness and equality we are committed to helping all Maine Citizens have a voice in Government. We are committed to help build a healthy Maine government that represents all citizens fairly. We are concerned about the division and gridlock in Augusta and we hope the next Governor can bring to an end the bitterness and divisiveness that plagues our Election process.
   The Maine Green Independent Party (MGIP) has not taken an official position on the gubernatorial race. We have some 43,000 Maine voters enrolled in our Party, and are part of the swing vote that are neither Democrats nor Republicans--with good reason, we believe. We would like to know your positions on the following issues which are important for the MGIP. We plan to announce the results of your answers in a press release to assorted Maine media at least a week prior to the election date. Please send your emailed responses, numbering the answers 1 through 8 respectively, to co-chair Niomi Larravee. We appreciate your participation.
 We will post your responses verbatim--no editing--or we will say "candidate did not respond."
Question 1:  Will you give direct verbal and operational support to a Constitutional amendment changing "plurality" to "majority" so that the expressed will of Maine voters can implement Ranked Choice voting for all offices in Maine, including that of governor and legislative seats.
Question 2:  Will you promote the extension of the time to gather signatures from the current March 15th, to April 30th.
The current requirement creates a huge burden as it is during the most difficult weather and travel time of the year.
Question 3:  Will you support the elimination of the requirement to hold caucuses in nearly every county as a condition for ballot access?
This is a major burden for small parties. We recognize that there needs to be some criteria, such as number of enrollees, but caucus holding does not need to be one of them.
Question 4: Will you support the implementation of a "level playing field" for the obtaining of signatures required for statewide and Congressional District offices? That is, will you support the idea of a percentage of enrolled voters in a party rather than a "one size-fits-all" number as it now stands, making it extremely difficult for smaller parties to qualify?
Question 5:  Will you support expanding the time for candidates to solicit qualifying contributions for Clean Election status?
Question 6: Will you enthusiastically give support to the job-creating solar industry and other alternative energy methods, consistent with a Green future for Maine?
Question 7:  Would you sign a bill that excludes any form of fracking in Maine, including in its coastal waters?
Question 7:  Will you engage in regular respectful consultation with the Wabanaki Nations  and demonstrate true respect for their sovereignty on a government-to-government basis?
Question 8:  Will you direct the attorney general to look honestly into the matter of people who have claimed to have been falsely accused of crimes and potential perjured testimony against them? Truth depends on the presentation of evidence, which sometimes appears later than the trial. If it is important enough for referees to have recourse to "instant replay" in sports, does not justice require that the same be applied to people's lives, and to "get the call right?"