Election Day 2018

Election Day 2018


This election day, we give our heartfelt thanks to all our candidates who gave of themselves to promote our values and shift the political dialogue toward a greater focus on the health and sustainability of our planet and the people who live on it. We are grateful for their service to their communities, and their dedication to making citizens aware of the importance of thinking and living Green.


We wish our candidates the absolute best this election day and are hopeful that we may retain our House Green Independent minority caucus, so that we will continue to have voice at the state level.




Andrew Howard, H.D. 1 - Kittery (part)

Justin Reinhardt, H.D. 21 - Alfred, Limerick (part), Newfield, Parsonsfield (part) and Shapleigh (part)

Kate Schrock, H.D. 44 - Falmouth

Kim Pfush, H.D. 61 - Lewiston (part)

Robin Downs, H.D. 101 - Hampden, Newburgh

Jaco Bebop Deertrack, H.D. 119 - Abbot, Beaver Cove, Bowerbank, Greenville, Guilford, Monson, Parkman, Sangerville, Sebec, Shirley, Willimantic plus the unorganized territories of Blanchard Township, Northeast Piscataquis (including Barnard and Elliottsville Townships) and Northwest Piscataquis

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