2024 Presidential Nomination


Maine has two pathways for determining presidential preference of members, to be determined by the political party -- either a presidential primary, or through municipal caucuses held statewide.

The MGIP chooses to go with municipal caucuses instead of the presidential primary.
The presidential primary process requires each candidate to get 2,000 signatures of party members or independents for their name to be placed on the presidential primary ballot.
This process creates unnecessary extra work to our members to have to collect signatures (a daunting task that might not even be successful), and also limits the choices of our members to only those candidates on the ballot. There is also no mechanism in a presidential primary for our members to indicate a preference for "no nominee," which is a technical possibility within the GPUS presidential nomination process for which our members should be afforded an opportunity to express support for.
To not burden our members with extra work to collect signatures,  and to give our members freedom to vote as they wish without limits, we forego the presidential primary election and choose the municipal caucuses as our method of nomination. By not limiting the choices of our members, as would be the case under the presidential primary system, we get the most accurate representation of what our members desire since they can vote freely as they wish.
Municipal caucuses are held town by town across the state between Jan. 1 and March 19, on dates that are best for municipal caucus organizers. Votes for presidential preference are collected at the caucuses and reported to the state party.
If members do not get a chance to vote at a municipal caucus, or no municipal caucus is organized in their town, then they will get a second chance to vote at our statewide convention,  which will be held before Aug. 1. If members cannot attend the convention AND they were unable to vote at a municipal caucus,  they may submit an absentee ballot in advance of the convention by contacting the party directly.
We do not design a ballot. We allow our members to vote for whomever they wish and we accept "no nominee" as a valid option since it is provided for as an option in the GPUS rules. We recognize and count votes for candidates of any party enrollment, since GPUS rules provide for the possibility of nominating or endorsing other party candidates (albeit unlikely). Our process is an open slate where members are free to express their wishes for the GPUS nomination without limits.
At the convention,  we combine the tallies of both caucus and convention votes and apportion our delegates as closely as possible to the proportion of votes for each preference indicated. Votes for miscellaneous choices that don't each earn their own delegate apportionments are generally combined collectively into "uncommitted" delegates. 
The ultimate authority of delegate apportionment lies with the convention and in cases where the apportionment of delegates doesn't line up perfectly with the apportionment of votes,  the convention determines how to best allocate the delegates as fairly as possible.
2024 Candidates for Green Party of the United States Presidential Nomination
For more information on those candidates who are officially recognized by the Green Party of the United States as viable candidates for nomination, and candidates who are currently seeking official recognition from the national party, we encourage members to visit this link, where the national party's presidential nomination process is explained and links are provided to information about each candidate:
In summary, as of March, 2024, candidates seeking nomination and official recognition are as follows (this may change over time, so please refer to the link above for the most accurate listing):

Three candidates met "recognition" standards as as defined by GPUS Rules & Procedures, Article 10:

Jasmine Sherman | Jorge Zavala | Jill Stein


These candidates are actively seeking the Green Party nomination for president:  

Robert Cooke | Davi | Randy Toler 




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