Elected Officeholders:



Anna Trevorrow, City Council, District 1, Portland (Cumberland County) term through 2024 - pending inauguration

Scott Harriman, City Council, District 2, Lewiston (Oxford County) term through 2024
Jordan Barnett-Parker, Selectboard Member, Lincolnville (Waldo County) term through June 2022
Jennifer Billings, Selectboard Member, West Paris (Oxford County) term through June 2024
Ronald Deegan, Selectboard Member, Bryant Pond (Woodstock) (Oxford County) term ends March 2022
Jason Dolloff, Selectboard Member, Peru (Oxford County) term through July 2023
Daniel Frye, Select Board Member, Carmel (Penobscot County) term ends March 2023
Daniel Monahan, Select Board Member, Trenton (Hancock County) term ends May 2023
Jeremy Petty, Selectboard Member, Sabattus (Androscoggin County) term through November 2023
Desiree Scorcia, Selectboard Member, Boothbay (Lincoln County) term through June 2022

Anna Trevorrow, Board of Education, District 1, Portland (Cumberland County) term through 2023 - pending resignation

Desiree Bailey, School Boardmember, Wiscasett School Department (Lincoln County) term ends June 2024
Vanessa Bryant, School Boardmember, Maine School Administrative District 51, North Warmouth  representative (Cumberland County), term through June 2024 (appointed July 2021)
Ashlee Chaine, School Boardmember, Maine School Administrative District 72Fryeburg co-representative (Oxford County) term through June 2022 (appointed August 2020)
Maureen Chipullo, School Boardmember, RSU District 19, Corinna (Penobscot County), term through March 2024
Adam Harkins, School Boardmember, Southport Central School District (Lincoln County) term through April 2024
Danny Jackson, School Boardmember,  RSU District 49 School Board (Lincoln County) term through June 2022
Patrick Milligan, School Boardmember, Spruce Mountain School District, Livermore Falls representative (Androscoggin County) term through June 2023
Jessica Smith, School Boardmember,  RSU District 16 School Board (Androscoggin County)  term through Nov 2022 (appointed August 2021)
Megan Parks, School Committee, Lewiston Public Schools (Androscoggin County) term through Nov 2023
Patricia Patnaude, School Boardmembrer, Maine School Administrative District 72 (MSAD), Stow (Oxford County) term through June 2023
Jeremy Petty, Select Board Member, Sabattus , term through Nov 2023
Sam Pfeiffle,  School Boardmember, Maine School Administrative District (MSAD 15), Gray/New Gloucester term through June 2025
Diane Whalen, Regional School Unit 24 #4 Director, Sabattus (Androscoggin County) term through Nov 2024
Ryan Whitehouse, School Boardmember, East Millinocket Schools, East Millinocket (Penobscot County) term ends November 2024
Larry Whittington
,  School Boardmember, RSU District 56, Dixfield representative (Oxford County) term through June 2024
Christopher Henderson, Board of Directors, Hampden Water Board, Hampden (Penobscot County) term ends November 2023
Adam Morse, Board of Directors,  Freeport Sewer Board, Freeport (Cumberland) term ends November 2024

Portland Board of Education Chair Anna TrevorrowMaine School Administrative District 15 Board Member Sam Pfeifle

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