Brooksville residents give telecom reps an earful

Brooksville residents give telecom reps an earful


January 30, 2019 by

BROOKSVILLE — On a rainy Thursday evening, residents of Brooksville turned out to make sure that they were heard by Consolidated Communications and the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

As it happens, being heard has been a bit of a problem in the town.

The hearing was the result of a 10-person complaint filed by residents alleging poor landline service, including outages of weeks to a month, as well as generally poor broadband internet service. ...

“If it takes a 10-person complaint just to get a response from the company, that’s not acceptable,” said Brooksville resident Ralph Chapman. “If the company knows there’s a problem in the system, I don’t think it’s useful to use this 10-person complaint as a mechanism to get the reasonable service that you’re required to provide.” ...