Portland plans to clear Bayside Trail encampment, establish task force

Portland plans to clear a large encampment along the Bayside Trail and then set up a task force to provide a better response and delivery of services at other sites.

The plans were discussed Tuesday night at a meeting of the City Council’s Health and Human Services & Public Safety Committee. ...

Councilors Anna Trevorrow and Victoria Pelletier said that while they support the task force they were having a hard time backing the clearing of the encampment. ...

Tents line the Bayside Trail on April 27. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer


“You definitely have my stamp of approval with moving forward with the task force,” Trevorrow said. “I think I would prefer to try and make it work for the Bayside campsite. I don’t want to minimize the work and decision making – I appreciate it. But I’m coming at it from the frame of mind of what is in the best interest of these individuals, and I just can’t say this is the right thing to do.”