Maine Green Independents field slate of candidates

Following the deadline for submitting qualifying signatures, the Maine Green Independent Party has six candidates who will appear on Maine House ballots this November. This follows the early-season good news of Green Gil Harris's election to the Limerick Board of Selectmen, along with a number of other municipal candidates.

"This is an exciting group of candidates," said Maine Green Independent Party Co-Chair Niomi Larrivee, "representing the broad spectrum of voices that has been attracted to the Maine Green Independents."

The candidates for State Representative are spread throughout the length and breadth of Maine:

Andy Howard, in Kittery, District 1
Justin Reinhardt, in Limerick/Alfred/Newfield/Parsonfield/Shapleigh, District 21
Kate Schrock, in Falmouth, District 44
Kim Pfusch, in Lewiston, District 61
Robin Downs, in Hampden/Newburgh, District 101
Jaco Deertrack, in Greenville/Monson/Guilford/Parkman/Sangerville/Sebec/Shirly/Abbot/Beaver Cove/Bowerbank/Willimantic, District 119

While there may be more, and these races aren't partisan, so far the municipal candidates include Maine Green Independents:
Sam Pfeifle, School Board, MSAD15
Ben Meiklejohn, School Board, MSAD4

"Unlike some of our earlier efforts that featured strong candidates in Portland, but with few elsewhere, I am impressed with the geographic range of these six candidates," said MGIP Co-Chair Jon Olsen. "It shows that our message of fiscal responsibility, peace, justice, and ecological sanity is resonating statewide. We look forward to an exciting election year.

With its two House members, the Maine Green Independents are already the most accomplished Green Party in the U.S., and is the only globally-affiliated party electing candidates in the United States.