Maine Greens host Jill Stein, 2020 presidential hopefuls

Maine Greens host Jill Stein. 2020 presidential hopefuls

Augusta -- The Green Independent Party, Maine's largest third party will hold its annual convention on Sunday, May 19 at Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St., Augusta. Candidates for the 2020 presidential nominations, Sedinam Kinamo Christen Moyowasifza-Curry and Dario Hunter, have confirmed their attendance in person at the convention. Other candidates will be presenting their campaigns via Skype.
Jill Stein is expected to speak about how to best organize and grow the political party in an age of climate change, and a real plan for a Green New Deal to improve the economy, opportunity for all and social justice while transitioning toward an environmentally-positive society.
While Green New Deal has become a popular subject of public discourse, Stein was the first presidential candidate to present a Green New Deal solution: her plan to invest in people and the environment for a better economy and healthy society.
According to a February Politico/Morning Consult poll, 31% of Democrats and 25% of Republicans would support a third-party candidate for president in 2020. 45% of Democrats and Republicans think a third party is needed.
Representatives of the Green Party of Quebec, a provincial party of Canada, will attend the convention to present information on Hydro-Quebec and the proposed Central Maine Power corridor.
The Maine party, with more than 43,000 enrolled voters, will celebrate the 35th anniversary of its inception in 1984. The party also celebrates the 25th anniversary of first earning official recognition by the state as a qualified party in December, 1994. The party will hold its annual elections for state party officers, set goals and decide whether to allow unenrolled (Independent) voters to participate in the party's 2020 primary.
Registration cost is by donation, what people can afford, or $20. "We do not accept corporate donations," said Niomi Larrivee, party co chair. "We count on the good people of Maine to help fund green change. We welcome people to be a part of this change, a party with moral values that stands for real beliefs. Now more than ever, a third party is needed to represent people in Maine, our nation and internationally."


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